▶️ COVID cabin fever has the wheels turning at busy Bend bike shops


With many state parks and forest service campgrounds still closed due to coronavirus, lots of people have shifted gears to riding bikes, and it’s causing a spike in demand at local bike shops. 

Central Oregon Daily News spoke to five bike shops today.

Across the board, all of them said they were busy even though they are not renting bicycles due to COVID 19.

Many factors are at play; one of them is the volume of people who are pulling their old bikes out of garages to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and get some exercise.

 “We did a full signature tune on it,” said Mike Shindler, co-owner of Sunnyside Sports, as he gestured to an older Giant brand mountain bike. “Cleaned up all the drive train. Adjusted the brakes. It’s actually turned out really good.”

“We are a little further out than we like to be. We are hovering around a week to 10 days turnaround which is longer than we normally have. We like to keep to 48 hours turnaround in a perfect world. We also try to do quick repairs, flat fixes…” 

Most bike shops are providing curbside service only for the sale of new bikes, equipment and repairs of used bikes. 

Call them when you arrive. They’ll come outside and help.

“If you pull your bike out of the garage and you haven’t ridden it in a while, put some air in the tires. Wipe it down. Go for a ride and see how things feel,” suggested Dave “Fish” Patterson, a mechanic at Hutch’s Bicycles. “A lot of times bikes don’t need much to get them going again. If you want you can bring it by here, have us check it out, make sure it’s safe.” 

If you are in the market for a new bike or just trying to get an existing one serviced, make sure to call ahead. 

Most bike shops will not let you inside due to social distancing requirements. And there are shortages of parts and supplies to be aware of.


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