▶️ COVID booster shot receives more approvals; to be distributed locally soon


In Deschutes County, several pharmacies and clinics are ready and waiting for approval to distribute the COVID-19 booster.

But what is the COVID booster shot?

“So the booster vaccine is identical. It’s just a third shot of the Pfiezer vaccine. At this point, only the Pfiezer vaccine has been approved for a booster shot,” said Doctor Terri Musha of Family Choice Urgent Care in Bend.

The shot has already been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

As of today, the Western States Scientific Safety Review Workgroup recommends the COVID booster shot for those 65 years and older, those with underlying conditions, and those with jobs that put them at risk.

“You know we have such a great area to live that we have a large retiree population and so I think that population now can feel like they can be in a small area and enjoy the outdoors, but still have the modern healthcare technology that is available to them in a bigger city,” said Doctor Musha.

The booster is meant to do what its name implies: boost your immunity against COVID after an original vaccination six months prior.

Think of it as a yearly flu shot to help your body continue to fight the virus.

“Counties across Oregon are waiting for the Emergency Use Authorization, so the EUA, to be amended to follow these recommendations allowing for booster doses for specific populations,” said Morgan Emerson of Deschutes County Public Health.

So when will booster vaccines be available for everyone?

“Beyond that, that would be a decision at the FDA and CDC level and we do not know that at this time,” said Emerson.

If you fit the current requirements to receive a COVID booster vaccine, below are links for where the doses can be found.



You can also call the Deschutes County Public Health COVID-19 phone line at 541-699-5109.


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