▶️ Council to decide on sending $190M transportation bond to November ballot


The Bend City Council will decide Wednesday night whether to place a $190 million transportation bond on the November ballot.

“Traffic congestion isn’t going away, and it’s still here with or without COVID,” Katy Brooks, Bend Chamber of Commerce CEO said. “It’s a tough time for some folks, and they’re going to debate that. And debate the merits of putting something on the books that will help us deal with growth, put a bunch of people together, and hopefully put off the payment for this bond for a while.”

Brooks says the bond will increase connectivity between one side of town and the other, and improve the flow of traffic. Including projects on Reed Market Road and Highway 97 at Murphy Road.

Bend City Council voted in mid-March to take the bond off the May ballot, uncertain of COVID-19’s impact.

Brooks, a co-chair for Go Bend 2020, recommended they do so and that the timing was “completely wrong.”

“It is really an issue of managing the growth,” Brooks said. “Creating some jobs in the short-term, getting people back to work, and also just balancing that out with what can we afford and when.”

This is the largest bond measure the city has ever asked for.

According to the city, the average Bend resident would pay about $170 per year. That’s around $14 per month


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