▶️ Congestion, illegal parking could lead to restrictions at Sunriver’s Harper Bridge



Wednesday was Portland resident Michelle Markman’s first time floating at Harper Bridge in Sunriver.

While she was impressed by the views, she wasn’t so fond of the traffic.

“It’s pretty busy,” Markman said. “The street is kind of high traffic and speeding, and all of that. I think the side parking can be a little dangerous.”

Deschutes County Commissioners are looking to fix that.

On Wednesday they discussed an ordinance to make the area safer.

The changes could include a lower speed limit and a greater law enforcement presence, considering there’s no room for an official parking lot to be built.

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Lt. William Bailey says plenty of warnings and citations have already been given out.

“Because of the popularity, we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of vehicles,” Bailey said. “Parking concerns, and then some of the safety issues that come along with people adjacent to the roadway here.”

County commissioners say the main concern is safety.

And that they’ve received complaints about illegal parking, trouble crossing, and bridge jumping.

“I mean there’s no real pedestrian crossing,” Portland resident Angie Markman said. “And people, especially like for us, it was our first time taking out here. So we weren’t sure which side to go on, if it was this side or that side.”

While Wednesday’s meeting consisted of multiple short-term solutions, county commissioners agreed a long-term fix will not likely come until winter.

They will discuss the Harper Bridge ordinance again on Monday.


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