▶️ Commissioners vote to cancel 101st annual Deschutes County Fair



Deschutes County 4-H member and Mountain View senior Teegan Wallace was looking forward to her final fair.

“In March when we got out of school because of all this, we just moved along like there was fair,” Wallace said. “But we kind of deep down knew that it’s probably a possibility that it’s not going to happen.”

During Wednesday’s Deschutes County Commissioners meeting, it was officially announced that the 2020 Deschutes County Fair is canceled.

Gladys Sappington, Fair Association President explained, “For the safety of the community, for the safety of us, and just making sure that we are making the right decision for this. Most of our directors have chosen to not have the 2020 fair and rodeo.”

Commissioners agreed, but said they will consider other ideas to feature animals raised by students.

Wallace says, “It’s not quite like grief, but it’s kind of sad that … because I’m a senior so my final fair won’t happen, but it is kind of nice they’re finding an alternative.”

It may come down to a virtual auction.

“It is nice that if it does come down to being virtual, that they are still trying to support us in giving us something to do to show our animals and sell them.”

But Wallace also thinks a virtual show would come with its share of challenges.

“With animals it’s a hands-on thing,” Wallace said. “So it’s kind of hard to do that part virtual.”

County Commissioners have not yet decided on an alternative option for 4-H students, but assure they are committed to making one happen.

Commissioner Patti Adair says, “It’s the teeter-totter that we’re dealing with here. How to keep a balanced health and safety, and yet you know supporting the youth of our county so.”


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