▶️ Climate scientist Michael Mann speaks at Riverhouse in Bend


One of the world’s most influential scientists was in Bend Thursday and 400 people had the chance to hear him speak.

Michael Mann, a climate researcher, professor and director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University spoke at Riverhouse Thursday night.

Mann recently released his new book, “The New Climate War: The Fight To Take Back Our Planet.”

He spoke about the urgent need to reverse decades of climate inaction and how to prevent the worst impacts of a climate crisis.

“Bend is really now on the map when it comes to these conversations about science and its consequences for human civilization,” Mann said. “The lecture tonight is about the tactics that in-activists are still using to try to prevent the needed actions on climate, how to recognize those actions, and push back on them.”

Mann had a few suggestions about how individuals can make a difference.

“Public transportation or a more fuel efficient vehicle, using less electricity, getting an electricity plan that comes from renewable energy or comes from solar panels,” he said. “There are all these things that we can do to reduce our individual carbon footprint.”

Associate professor of Anthropology and Sustainability at OSU Cascades Elizabeth Marino hosted the event. 

“He both did the science, he knows the numbers, he understands how carbon is affecting the temperature, but then he has also managed to translate that knowledge to the general public and that is really a trick, not all scientists can do that,” said Marino.

Mann’s lecture was around an hour and a half.

“If we reduce carbon emissions, move off fossil fuels toward renewable clean energy, clean energy and climate friendly practices, we can prevent the worst impacts,” Mann said.

He hopes the audience comes away with two main points after his presentation.

“A sense of urgency, we really do need to act now, but there is also agency, there is still time to prevent the worst changes,” Mann concluded.


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