▶️ Click carefully, COVID-19 vaccine scams circulating



This week, a Central Oregon Daily employee received an email with a reminder request to reserve a COVID-19 vaccine.

But Ben Spradling with the Better Business Bureau says this is nothing more than a phishing attempt.

And a timely one at that.

“Scammers are nothing if not opportunists,” Spradling said. “So they’re up on their current events and they know that a lot of residents, a lot of consumers, are really anxious to get some of those vaccines in their hands so that they can return to life maybe as they knew it pre-March or pre-February.”

Spradling says it’s likely an attempt to gather personal and financial information, as well as download malware to your computer.

“You may jump at the chance; you may be willing to make a payment for that opportunity,” Spradling said. “You may be willing to give up information that you otherwise would say ‘this doesn’t feel right to me’ because the reward feels like it’s worth the risk.”

Spradling suggests if you get an email like this, report it to the Better Business Bureau or Federal Trade Commission.

You should also check updated vaccine information through the Federal Drug Administration.

“We’re going to have to be patient a little longer, Spradling said. “In the meantime, be a little more discerning on the things that you click on right now.”


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