▶️ City of Redmond appoints new councilor


The City of Redmond appointed Catherine Zwicker as its newest City Councilor.

“I think you and several of the councilors that know me know that I have a passion for our city and for the development of our community,” said Zwicker. “I’m actually very excited to be working with you and I doubt I’ll get discouraged, so have no fear.”

Zwicker is replacing Councilor John Bullock who resigned from the seat on November 9th, to accept increased responsibilities on the Southern Oregon University Board of Trustees.

Redmond looks to fill vacant City Council seat; applications due Nov. 29

17 residents applied for the position, of those 17, three were selected as finalists.

“You know one of the things that makes this city strong or any city strong is our volunteers that step forward and serve and so I decided that those that already contributed to Redmond should be the select few that we would interview and then try and come to a decision on who we would like to appoint,” said Redmond Mayor George Endicott.

Zwicker served as vice-chair on the Redmond Urban Area Planning Commission before taking up her new position as councilor.

“You know the dedication to Redmond, the involvement in Redmond, the understanding of the city and its citizens, I feel like we made a solid choice,” said Redmond City Councilor Shannon Wedding.

Zwicker will need to successfully run for the seat in the 2022 election year, if she wishes to remain on City Council beyond December 31, 2022.

“Again just excited to help on the council and be involved in the community more and wish everyone a very merry Christmas and an exceptionally abundant 2022.”


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