▶️ City form allows Bend residents to request snow assitance


If your neighborhood street is a little snowier than you’d like it to be, the City of Bend has a form for you to request a snowplow to visit your area.

“Well, it’s more than just a snowplow form,” said David Abbas, the Transportation and Mobility Department Manager for the City of Bend.

A citizen service request, or CSR, is an online form the City of Bend uses to cover potholes, clear blocking vegetation, and yes, to call snow plows.

The form is quick to fill out; just enter your name, the area with the road problem, how the city can contact you, and select “Snow Removal Issues” from the list of available services.

“We’ve had over a hundred entries to CSR that were snow-related. About 101 to be exact,” Abbas said.

The city doesn’t guarantee a time for when the plows will get to your snowy street, but they are currently focused on managing the snow covering high traveled roads and downtown areas.

“Well that depends on the priority level and the conditions and what’s going on,” Abbas said.

A CSR regarding snow is for non-emergencies only, and calling the fire department or police is the best way to handle a snowed-in crisis.

According to the City of Bend, “Anytime there is an emergency that requires snow control assistance, one of the plowing crews are pulled from their regular route to respond as quickly as possible.”

Another concern is city snow-plows plowing ice into driveways. 

To prevent that from occurring, the city suggests shoveling out a large circle directly next to your driveway so when a plow comes through to help, the icy obstacle piles into the open space instead of in your way.

The link to the form is here and you can call to report icy roads at (541) 317-3000 extension 3.



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