▶️ Cinderella’s Closet helps high schoolers get ready for prom


They may not be able to turn your run of the mill pumpkin into a carriage or mice into men, but the Assistance League of Bend’s Cinderella’s Closet aims to help prom-goers feel like a princess.

“I’m just so excited for prom this year,” said Delaney Lutz, a junior at the Remond Proficiency Academy.

Lutz just wants to feel beautiful for the school dance.

“Picking out prom dresses is a big stress because they’re so expensive, even if just renting it for the night,” Lutz said.

Out of the over 800 dresses in Cinderella’s Closet, Lutz chose a dress to borrow that comes with no cost, no stress, but all the fun.

“So I chose a black two piece with a floral skirt that also has pockets,” Lutz said.

“We have everything from movie star dresses to ball gowns, so it’s fun,” Kim Rush, the founder of Cinderella’s Closet in Bend said.

Rush helped found Cinderella’s Closet after an Assistance League branch in California gave her their gowns.

“So they sent them up and Cinderella’s Closet was born,” Rush said “It was pretty humble beginnings. We didn’t have much.”

But, just like the fairytale princess herself, Cinderella’s closet flourished.

And after the pandemic closed its doors for two years, girls from all over Central Oregon use parent permission slips as their golden ticket to gowns.

“Definitely it’s like ‘Say Yes to the Dress,’” Rush said.

“Yes” to helping lower income families and so much more.

“It’s really evolved to where girls really like the idea of recycling and reusing and donating and having someone else use it,” Rush said.

The program takes donations through their drop box, and says over the years, they’ve gotten unique dresses, shoes, purses, and jewelry, all used to make prom special for everyone.

“It’s just a day to let loose and enjoy and take some fun pictures and just be teenagers for a bit,” Lutz said.

For girls interested in picking up a dress from Cinderella’s Closet, Saturday, April 30th is the last day to get bibbidi-bobbity-borrowed and beautiful dress.

When the magical night is over, make sure to return borrowed items to the Assistance League of Bend’s drop box within three days after the event.


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