▶️ Christmas tree lots seeing some last-minute shoppers and seasonal profits


If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas tree, several tree lots still have plenty to choose from as they begin to pack up for the end of the season.

“It is typical to have last-minute shoppers, definitely,” said Carson Dedmon, a salesman at Candy Cane Christmas Tree Company.

Since this Monday, Candy Cane Christmas Tree Company sold more than a dozen trees to late shoppers.

“You know, there’s people that maybe are just having family visit and they otherwise wouldn’t do a Christmas tree or maybe they’re not going to be in town all that long so they want something small,” Dedmon said.

Dedmon is seeing a lot more late Christmas tree shopping as compared to last year when the lot sold out of trees before the final days of December.

The company’s busiest time is typically the weekend before Christmas.

Today is their last day of the season, and there are still Christmas trees available.

“We actually did more in sales this year than last year which is interesting because we have less trees,” Dedmon said.

Other Christmas tree lots are seeing a lull as the big day approaches.

“A few, but not many. It’s been a little slower recently,” said Taner Varcoe, a salesperson for the Boy Scout Troop 90 Christmas Tree Lot.

The Boy Scout Troop 90 Christmas tee lot also sold more this year than previous, with two truckloads of trees being nearly picked off.

“In the beginning it was pretty good, going through great. And it’s just been slowly slowing down,” Varcoe said.

They said they get the occasional shopper come through, but for smaller sized trees compared to their average offerings.

If you’re looking for a last-minute tree, several lots still have decent-sized selections, but today and tomorrow are the last days for several shops around the area.


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