▶️ Central Oregon restaurants make plans to move back to ‘Extreme Risk’


With the upcoming ban on indoor seating, some local restaurants expect to take a financial hit.

That includes River Pig Saloon in Bend.

“You know this isn’t our first rodeo,” Sean Lawrence, River Pig Saloon general manager said. “Hopefully it’s a little bit better than last go round because we were in the dead of winter, and that really hurts when it comes to outdoor business.”

Lawrence says the state’s increase in outdoor dining capacity, from 50 to 100 customers, won’t help River Pig much.

“I mean if we’re trying to maintain the six feet of distance and trying to create a safe environment for everyone, I think it’s a little bit hard for us,” Lawrence said. “We do have a limited capacity on our patio as is.”

River Pig plans to keep everyone on staff.

That won’t be the case at Crossroads BBQ Pit & Pub in Prineville, who will limit staff.

“Hopefully being able to let everyone work a couple days, and still get unemployment and all of that,” Marissa Hedrick, Crossroads waitress said. “But we will still be serving food.”

All businesses can do now is be prepared.

“Really ready for this to be behind us,” Kristy Cross, One Street Down Cafe owner said. “I guess we’ll all pull together, get there eventually.”

“We’re hoping for the best,” Lawrence said. “Expecting this thing to go out a little bit longer, but I think we’ll make it through at the end of the day.”

County metrics will be reevaluated weekly.

Extreme risk counties will know next Tuesday whether they can move out of extreme risk.


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