▶️ Central Oregon fire crews prepare for continued lightning, potential fires


Lightning can go from bad to worst fast, especially when it comes to wildfires.

That’s why the Central Oregon Fire Management Service has strategically placed crews throughout the area, so they can be closer to where lightning will most likely strike and spark fires.

“We have had fires start up to two weeks after a lightning strike,” said Kassidy Kern, Central Oregon Fire Management Service. “And so we are now going to be fully vigilant for these next two weeks, and beyond of course, but to make sure that we’re monitoring those areas that did get that lightning.”

Kern says the High Desert saw hundreds of lightning strikes and about 15 resulting fires on Monday, much of that around La Pine and out east.

On Tuesday, many resources were stationed near those areas.

Fire Marshal stages 2 firefighting task forces in Central Oregon

“We’re moving people around the forest so that they can get on those more quickly,” Kern said. “Get to them and get them out.”‘

Lightning fires are nothing new to Central Oregon, but the forecast is concerning.

“When we have these really hot and dry conditions with the addition of the wind,” Kern said. “That can really kick up a lot of fire activity.”

While professionals are out to tame the flames, Kern says the public also needs to be diligent when it comes to ignition sources.

So put out your campfires and watch those cigarette butts, they won’t help the situation.


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