▶️ Central Oregon Daily News and The Bulletin host GOP gubernatorial debate


Central Oregon Daily News is proud to partner with The Bulletin to present the first televised debate among Republican candidates for Oregon governor in 2022.

Four qualifying candidates attended the debate on the afternoon of April 21st in Bend, Oregon, and the debate first aired on CBS in Central Oregon at 7:00 p.m. on the same day.

It was the first of two televised debates, with the second hosted by KOIN Local 6, the CBS affiliate in Portland. 

To ensure both debates were fair, Central Oregon Daily News agreed to follow the same candidate screening guidelines as defined by KOIN and it’s partners Pamplin Media Group and Eastern Oregon Media (owners of The Bulletin).  

In response to criticism regarding the limited field to qualify for the televised debates, Mark Garber, President and Publisher at Pamplin Media Group issued the following statement on behalf of all the media partners.

“The 5% polling threshold is a requirement of KOIN’s parent company, Nexstar Media. It is a criteria Nexstar imposes on all primary races in all states, and was not negotiable. The poll in this case was done by a professional pollster, who included registered Republican respondents from all areas of the state. Because we knew the 5% requirement would limit the number of candidates eligible for the TV debate, we also scheduled a livestream debate for the candidates who fell short of 5% but otherwise met all the other criteria. It will be streamed over Pamplin websites, EO Media websites, Oregon Republican Party websites, and perhaps others as well.”

The qualifying candidates were:

  • Christine Drazan, a state representative from district 39, who recently served as the house minority leader. 
  • Bob Tiernan, a Lake Oswego business consultant, former state representative and former chairman of the state Republican party. 
  • Stan Pulliam, an insurance executive, who has been the Mayor of Sandy since 2019.
  • Bud Pierce, a Salem based oncologist, who was the Republican gubernatorial nominee in the 2016 special election.

Central Oregon Daily News is coordinating with the Democratic Party of Oregon to bring the leading candidates from its party to the stage for a debate as well.  We expect to bring it to the air in early May.


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