▶️ Cascade Lakes Highway to open May 16


Thursday morning gates to the Cascade Lakes Highway were placed in its final checkpoint before being fully opened.

There is a gate closing the road that is currently near Elk Lake Resort and one near Mount Bachelor.

“This gate here gets moved up as they plow,” said resort owner Joie Frazee. “So it starts down at South Century . It can even be at Burgess, South Century, 14 miles down, 3 miles down, goes here and then it can actually be put just down past Elk Lake also.”

Frazee is ready and excited to get things going at his seasonal destination and Thursday the time to open arrived.

“The gate at Deschutes Bridge opened up today, so people as of today have access to at least Lava, possibly little Lava lake, at least this part of the highway,” said Frazee.

Frazee was on top of things, plowing early to get a head of the game, but late snowfall nearly erased his hard work.

“Twice I had to snowmobile in, get the back hoe and plow my way back out because I couldn’t make it back in again,” he said. “So, we did get an additional 30 inches.”

With camping season around the corner and drought still impacting Central Oregon severely, Frazee sees these late seasons as a positive.

“We are excited to have the, at least the late weather that we are getting because you got to take any moisture you can get up here,” he added.

The Gates at the Cascade Lakes Highway will open on Monday May 16th at 8 a.m.

The date was selected to alleviate traffic for the Pole Pedal Paddle event which runs Saturday the 14th.


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