▶️ Can’t sew? Bend woman, sign co. team up to show support


“There’s just a lot of different ways right now that we can keep our distance, but also stay connected.”

Lenora James is on a mission.

James says, “I have been watching all the awesome people around town sewing masks, and I can’t sew. And I’ve been frustrated trying to figure out what I could do to show my appreciation and do something, and get other people on board.”

So, James teamed up with 1 Day Signs, working to create a “thank you” for health care workers, police, and firefighters for their work during the pandemic.

The signs are $23, but the company isn’t taking a profit from them.

Proper precautions are being taken for those who pick up the signs. Including being handled with rubber gloves and sanitized.

“People are doing it with the masks, they’re doing it with hearts on their doors right now, there’s a project on Facebook for that. This is just one more thing that people can do and we can see them around town.”

Around mid-March, James became sick with what she assumes was COVID-19. The experience was so difficult, it made her want to give back even more.

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever gone through,” said James. “I don’t think whether we’re sick or we’re not that nobody isn’t affected by this one way or the other. And I just want to be able to do something to thank the people that are at the front line.”

If you’d like to join Lenora and show your appreciation, you can call 1 Day Signs at 541-385-6535 and ask for the thank you yard sign.



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