▶️ Cannabis themed holiday “4/20” lights up Bend


Across this state that’s green in many ways, people are lighting up to celebrate 4/20.

The unofficial weed themed holiday is intended to be a protest pushing for nationwide legalization.

Cannabis is currently legal for medical use in 37 states and recreational use in 18 states, including Oregon, for people over 21 years of age.

Today, those I talked to each had a different answer for their strain of choice.

“Oh tonight? Greasy Runts,” said Eliseo Gentile, the General Manager of the Herb Center.

“The Focus North Carbon Fiber,” said Pheobe Thompson an Oregrown Dispensary employee.

“Moby Dick Hart,” said Maya Elliff, the Assistant Manager at Cheba Hut sandwiches.

“OG Kush,” said Aaron Elston, the Vice President of Retail at Oregrown.

“Probably the grape cartridges,” said Tristan Sullivan a 4/20 celebrator.

“I don’t even smoke,” said Nicko Lotti, another 4/20 celebrator.

No matter how you roll, 4/20 is the official day for all things cannabis.

“Be out here and celebrating something not a lot of people get to,” Eltson said.

At the Oregrown downtown, prizes, cornhole, cheap nugs, and waffles were plentiful.

“In a legal state that’s a really big privilege that we have,” Thompson said.

“Per capita Bend has a huge population of dispensaries,” Eltson said.

Over 20 dispensaries to be more specific.

The state of Oregon has more than 660 dispensaries, which factors out to around 16 dispensaries per 100,000 people.

“Around town it’s actually a pretty huge deal,” Eltson said.

On the other side of Bend, cannabis themed sub shop Cheba Hut gave out grinders to the first 100 people in the door and collectible frisbees with their “nug” sandwiches.

“I rolled up and the whole line was around the building,” Elliff said, “People are into it.”

“I think it’s pretty awesome to be in the generation that saw it become legal,” Lotti said.

At The Herb Center, food trucks lined up outside and a combination of vendors and customers packed the building.

“Probably hitting 300, close to 400 people right now,” Gentile said.

And what’s a holiday, without some serious style?

Multiple people I saw at these events rocked hemp-leaf-patterned clothes.

Thompson sported a colorful mohawk, complete with a painted-on hemp leaf and space ship.

“I think it’s just an awesome day to express yourself and express weed,” Elliff said.

If you’re looking for some blunt entertainment for the holiday, The Capitol is holding the “Just Roll with It” comedy and improv showcase, while Bunk and Brew and Fyre dispensary have 420 themed concerts.

While the Marijuanna Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, meant to federally legalize the drug, is still under consideration, some Oregonians continue to celebrate all things week.

“Being able to use that and say ‘hey, this is a safe space, here are safe ways to use it, here are the medicinal ways to use it,’ as well as ways we can influence and impact the community,” Thompson said.

While in marijuana is legal in Oregon, it is still a federal offense

Currently, 40,000 people are incarcerated across America for cannabis related offenses.

Many of those offenses would be legal now in Oregon.


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