▶️ Caldera High School on schedule for Sept. 8th opening


Bend’s newest high school, Caldera, is on schedule to open in September for 9th and 10th graders.

Student athletes will show up in mid August for fall sports.

The school is about the same size as other high schools in Bend, but it is laid out differently.

“You’ll see there’s a variety of spaces as we walk through,” said Mike Condon, Project Manager for Bend-La Pine Schools. “There’s some that are really open like this. We’ve got others that are more closed that are going to be quieter.”

Caldera High School’s 59 classrooms are split between two levels, and connected by wide hallways with so-called “collaboration spaces”.

Students can gather in those spaces to work together on projects under the watchful eyes of teachers from nearby classrooms through glass walls.

“When you come in this entrance, you can see our career, technical and education spaces. A lot of glass. A lot of open windows,” said Principal Chris Boyd. “We want to see students and adults making, creating, building, doing.

If that sounds cool, wait until you see the double decker staircase the routes students through the library, instead of around it.

“We wanted more of a Barnes and Noble feel here where it’s full of kids all day long,” Condon said. “If they have an open period, they’ll be in here working on projects.”

Classes for the 400 freshmen start Sept. 8th, and the 250 sophomores begin Sept. 9th.

Additional grades will be added in subsequent years with full enrollment of 1,600 students by the fall of 2023.

“The southeast corner of Bend is excited to have a community space and a focal point for this community for plays, for concerts, for youth athletics, for all the different activities we can bring into this space,” Boyd said.

Caldera will offer the same athletic programs as Bend, Mountain View, Summit, and La Pine high schools.

Some of Caldera’s athletic programs will launch at the junior varsity level and then add varsity teams in year two.


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