▶️ Businesses on the doorstep of the Grandview Fire face tough decisions


Larry Monger, Manager of the Long Hollow Ranch, watched Tuesday as fire choppers pulled buckets of water from his pond.

The Grandview Fire burned on only a couple of miles away from his property, placing it in a Level 3 “Go Now” evacuation zone.

Grandview Fire grows to 5,723 acres; draws task forces from across the state

Even as plumes of smoke were seen billowing into the skies nearby, Monger said he wasn’t going anywhere.

“Level three we were supposed to leave,” he said. “But they can’t force you to leave off your property, and with the buildings you see around us, you know the barn here in the background built in 1890’s, you can’t replace that.”

The fire means business at the Bed and Breakfast, wedding venue, and working ranch has been majorly affected.

“Right now, we probably had 15 guests that left,” Monger said. “Some guests are canceling at this point, so that is kind of difficult.

“But once again, things like this happen and we don’t any control over it, and we just keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope God will help the firemen get the fire out as quick as possible.”

Just a few miles down the road, Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards reported similar challenges.

Owner Cindy Grossmann said four of their employees had to be evacuated from their homes, but they didn’t have to shut down.

“They can’t come to work, so we posted a temporary shutdown for today,” she said. “But we had guests arriving, so what we did is call out further, people that are brand new and so on that are coming to help us, so we are open for business.”

Several motels in Sisters said they’d had guests leave or cancel reservations due to fire and smoke concerns.

Both Long Hollow Ranch and Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards are still planning to host weddings this weekend.

The Grandview Fire is mainly burning on dry grass, and Monger said they need every drop of water they can get.

“You know when it comes to times like this, we all got to come together,” he said. “…that is all BLM land back there, so try and help save it and preserve it.”


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