▶️ Borrow a book, learn to cook; Library of Things a hit for skill seekers


Everyone knows you can go to a library to borrow a book or a movie, but what about things?

Now at Deschutes Public Libraries, you can borrow musical instruments, pasta making machines and even sewing machines from the ‘Library of Things’.

“The concept is you check out something you are thinking about buying, or just always wanted to try out, but don’t want to rush out and invest into it,” said Todd Dunkelberg, the Library Director for Deschutes Public Library.

The new library feature lets guests 17 and and older check out one of several activity kits.

Each kit comes with the tools and instructions to master its subject.

Themes for the kits include cooking, videography, crafts and other hands-on skills.

“I also really love that we have so many musical instruments,” said Le Button, a Deschutes Public Librarian. “They’re among the most popular kits.”

The kits are curated with public input in mind and library visitors can submit ideas for new kits with feedback forms.

“The ‘Library of Things’ has been super well-received,” said Button. “It’s actually one of our highest searching collections, which is awesome especially because it’s relatively new, but people are really excited to see the kind of different things the library has to offer.”

Kit borrowing periods are three weeks, and late returns will result in a $5 fine because the kits are so popular.

Returned kits must be cleaned and brought back intact, so the enjoyment of learning a new skill can quickly be passed along.

“We’re not just about books, we have many other things you can check out and really we’re all about finding ways to enrich people’s lives and this is one way to do it,” said Dunkelberg.

You can find a ‘Library of Things’ at every Deschutes Public Library.


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