BLS board approves return to in-person audience


The Bend-La Pine School Board voted unanimously Tuesday night to allow crowds back to meetings beginning April 12.

The max attendance for audience members is 50 people and you must sign up in advance.

Several board members discussed audience disruptions and their concerns about past board meetings getting out of hand.

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“It wasn’t just COVID that led us to virtual meetings, it was disruptions and inappropriate behavior by some members of our public and I think it would be remiss to call that out,” said board member Amy Tatom.

Board members were also concerned over signs being brought into meetings in protest.

“Given that this is our meeting and people are allowed to be in attendance, that feels as disruptive to me as a verbal boo, or hiss or whatever it might be,” said board member Carrie McPherson Douglas.

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With the meetings going back to in-person, people can still watch and comment virtually, as the streaming option will still be available.


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