▶️ Bend ‘vending machine’ stocked with hopes and dreams


It’s not what you get out of the Hope Vending Machine, it’s what you put inside.

Bend resident Quincy Bernahl explains, “You can be anonymous, you can not be anonymous, you just have to write something down and you can put it for the world to see.”

Bernahl was the first person to add to the vending machine.

That’s because his father, Mark Bernahl, is the artist behind it, and it’s placed right in their yard on Ogden Avenue and 7th Street.

“Every time I come out the back door I’ll maybe stop by the Hope Vending Machine and read a couple hopes off the wall because they change very periodically,” Bernahl said.

The vending machine has received immense attention in person, receiving over 100 messages in less than two weeks.

It’s also a hit online.

The project was shared on the I LOVE BEND Facebook page, where comments included “I love this” and “To get people thinking hope is to give them hope.”

“Interactive art has like a little charm to it that isn’t found in still art as much,” Bernahl said. “So with the Hope Vending Machine, he was more hoping to find those who are willing to put their hopes down, get their thoughts an ideas out.”

Bernahl says many of the hopes he has seen are for world peace, but some get more personal.

“Those who are willing to write down personal ones are very touching to me because you’re willing to share a small piece of your personal life, as well as maybe putting down one about the world itself.”


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