▶️ Bend team competes in Amazon’s ‘World’s Toughest Race’


Chances are, if you’ve been watching much television lately, you might have seen previews for Amazons latest show the “World’s Toughest Race.”

But what you probably don’t know is one of the teams featured prominently throughout the 10 episodes is from right here in Central Oregon.

All 10 episodes have dropped and are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Team Bend Racing plans to compete again at the 2021 Eco-Challenge in Patagonia.

It’s also worth noting they host a race locally right here in Central Oregon each year on a much smaller scale. A great opportunity to compete or watch adventure racing firsthand if you’re interested.

Eric Lindstrom sat down with “Team Bend Racing” to hear all about their amazing experience competing and being filmed at the Fiji Eco-Challenge.



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