▶️ Bend restaurants ready for the reopen, but staffing struggles continue


Plenty of Bend restaurants are ready for fewer masks, more customers, and all the perks that come with no restrictions.

But one thing is holding multiple businesses back from operating like normal; staffing.

“Hiring has been definitely a challenge,” Jason Camberg, The Point Pub & Grill owner said. “We can’t continue overworking the employees we already have. Hopefully people will see that we are reopen and they’ll be excited to come back to work.”

Blissful Spoon opened and stayed opened during the pandemic, but co-owner Miki Bekkari says surviving that challenge led to another.

“Just because of the capacity issues with staff, we want to make sure that we’re kind of doing what we want to do and making sure that we still have the quality of food that we want to have out,” Bekkari said. “The quality of service.”

Zydeco co-owner Cheri Helt says she plans to ease into business with no barriers by adjusting capacity to the amount of staff working.

“We want to ensure that everyone has a great customer experience and that you get the best food and service that you can,” Helt said. “We’re going to do that by not overwhelming our kitchen staff and our service staff and our hostess staff and making sure that we’re able to give you 110%.”

It still isn’t easy.

“With the lack of staff,” Camberg said. “It’s hard to staff properly when we are having an influx of the traffic that we want to have with customers finally.” 

But it’s a start.

“All the restauranteurs are ready for you and we’re excited to have you back,” Helt said. “Have you back in a safe way that doesn’t have regulations.”

Restaurant owners are asking customers to be patient as they adjust to getting back to normal.


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