▶️ Bend PD looking for leads; couple pepper sprayed in car near downtown


The Bend Police Department is looking for leads on a man who reportedly assaulted a couple with pepper spray near downtown Bend Monday night.

We spoke with the Bend couple, who wished to remain anonymous, Wednesday afternoon.

“Absolute shock,” the female victim said. “You know it’s like the last thing I would’ve possibly expected.”

The couple drove onto Wall Street from Franklin Avenue around 11 p.m. on Monday night.

The male victim says the suspect was driving slowly and they assumed he had been drinking.

“I get into the left lane and pass him,” the male victim said. “He immediately gets behind me, turns on his high beams, and starts tailgating us.”

The couple thought the driver turned on his high beams to alert them that something was wrong with their car or that he needed help, and they stopped at a light at the intersection of Wall Street and Colorado Avenue.

“He pulls up right along next to us within a foot of my car. Like we wouldn’t have been able to open the door if we tried,” the male victim said. “He starts like yelling at us or signaling through the window, roll down the window and out of nowhere, no words exchanged, just pepper sprayed us right into the car window.”

Police were called and bystanders helped the frantic couple, who had both gotten pepper spray in their eyes, but the suspect is still unknown.

Lieutenant Clint Burleigh with the Bend Police Department says this seems like a random assault.

“It’s a 90’s style green Chevy pickup,” Burleigh said. “Appears to be a white male adult, brown hair with a beard wearing a baseball cap.”

The couple says they were surprised this happened to them in Bend of all places.

If you have information on this suspect call non-emergency dispatch at 541-693-6911.


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