▶️ Bend-La Pine Schools listening session quieter upon return


No fireworks, but plenty of opinions were shared at a Bend-La Pine Schools listening session at Three Creeks Elementary in Sunriver Thursday night.

A stark contrast to the previous meeting.

The last time parents were able to voice their concerns to the school board in person was around three months ago.

In August, the panel walked off the stage after comments from an audience member were deemed personal attacks.

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Thursday night’s listening session was a different story.

“I think it was very positive and I am very grateful for how it went and I am looking forward to the next one,” said Danielle White, a kindergarten teacher and parent at Three Rivers School.

After everyone had their say, the session moved to a question-and-answer portion.

“Tonight’s listening session was amazing, we had a lot of speakers come forward and share their thoughts, from the community and especially from the Three Rivers community and then we had some Q and A with superintendent Cook, which was a wonderful thing to be able to answer questions right on the spot,” said Bend-La Pine Schools Board Chair Melissa Barnes Dholakia.

Main concerns speakers presented was mask and vaccine mandates and eating lunches outside in the cold.

The session ended with applause from people in attendance.

The next school board meeting is going back to virtual and will be on November 9th, starting at 5:30 p.m.


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