▶️ Bend food truck finds ways to give back to community after robbery


El Taquero, a food truck in Northeast Bend, usually has just one tip jar in its window.

But starting Wednesday, there’s two.

One jar is for tips and the other jar is for giving back.

“We’ve had people who just walk by and are like ‘hey, can you spare a taco?'” said Hannah Cain, co-owner of El Taquero. “Something like that where we try to help out as much as we can.”

Customers can drop in a dollar or more and the El Taquero owners will donate it to someone in need.

“We know that if we put this information out there, other people are gonna love and wanna help out too,” Cain said.

Implementing a “Giving Jar” might not be what you’d expect from the food truck that was robbed just five days ago.

“We’re thankful it wasn’t somebody who was trying to hurt us or trying to hurt our property or our business,” Cain said. “It was someone who… desperate times call for desperate measures unfortunately.”

Cain’s parter was inside the food truck last Friday when an unarmed man stole the truck’s money and ran.

“His first instinct was like, I can tell that this person needs help and that’s why they’re doing what they’re doing,” Cain said.

Two nearby schools were put on lockout while police searched the area. The suspect still hasn’t been found, but El Taquero’s money was eventually recovered.

After the incident, a customer messaged Cain and offered to donate money to the truck.

That donation inspired Cain to consider ways El Taquero could give back to anyone who needs a helping hand.

“When you do get to do those small little things, even if it’s a small thing, it makes you feel like you’re giving back, you’re paying it forward,” Cain said. “Giving people the opportunity. If they want to help somebody, they can do it.”

You can find El Taquero on NE Greenwood and 2nd St. in Bend.


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