▶️ Bend food cart makes the most out of Thanksgiving by selling meal kits


While some businesses close on or around Thanksgiving, others are capitalizing on the holiday.

Bend food cart Luckey’s Woodsman is straying away from its typical menu to offer Thanksgiving meal kits.

Owner Jackson Higdon says the idea started last Thanksgiving out of necessity.

“I think everyone remembers last year when the freeze went into effect and me, like so many other operators,” Higdon said. “We were pivoting to try and figure out what we should do.”

The kits have proved to be a great way to draw in some extra business, especially during the late fall and early winter months.

▶️ Taste This: Luckey’s Woodsman

“For anybody that doesn’t know, this time of year is probably the start of the toughest time of the year for our industry,” Higdon said. “It’s the beginning of the slow season, just kind of start the day after Halloween when it starts getting really cold.”

Higdon spent this week preparing the pre-ordered meal kits that include all the traditional sides.

“I did 50 pounds of mashed potatoes, I did 50 pounds of Brussel sprouts,” Higdon said. “I did five gallons of cranberry sauce, five gallons of gravy.”

Seven 25 pound turkeys also made their way into kits, all of which are sold out.

“The pandemic and everything that’s happened is definitely created a pivot in our market,” Higdon said. “It’s made customers and everybody rethink how they should look at food.”

Luckey’s Woodsman will soon offer something similar for Christmas.


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