▶️ Bend FC Timbers opens new artificial turf soccer complex


Bend FC Timber players Coco Skovborg, Reese Walker and Madilynn Millette have big dreams.

“I think we all want to be pros when we grow up,” Walker said.

They’re excited to work on those dreams at the new Bend FC Timbers Soccer Complex.

Tonight, the ribbon was cut for the new four-acre artificial turf soccer complex where hundreds of club players will play and practice.

To build in Pine Nursery Park, Bend FC Timbers leased the land from Bend Park and Recreation and raised $2.5 million for construction.

Before the field, the club teams played at different spots around Bend.

“For them to come out to their own home field and to play on this home surface – which we see in the valley all the time – kids are just ecstatic,” said Tara Bilanski, Bend FC Timbers executive director.

The public can use the space on certain open field times when teams aren’t practicing. Those times will be on Wednesdays, but they could become more widely available when field construction is finished at the end of May.

Signs at the field say its use is for Timbers staff and players only, but Bilanski says they’re temporary and meant to protect the fields while they’re still under construction.

“Once the project is complete, we’ll be able to look at the signs and say, here’s some scheduled use times,” Bilanski said. “We’ll refer people to our website and they’ll be able to see how they can best enjoy this park as a community member as well.”

Organized groups can also rent the field. Ultimate Frisbee and lacrosse teams have already held practices here.

The new lights allow the field to stay open every day for teams, groups and the community until 10 p.m.

“Yeah, when they turned on the lights I felt really professional,” Millette said.

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