▶️ Bend family with microchip scanner helps reunite family with beloved cat



Many pet owners know what it feels like to lose an animal, not knowing if it will return.

 But through a pretty crazy series of events, a cat named Mi Guy was reunited with its owners after being gone for eight months.

A Redmond family adopted Mi Guy several years ago from the Humane Society of Central Oregon. 

He went missing last summer and the family had to move to Sunriver without their cat.

Mi Guy’s story took a turn for the lucky Sunday afternoon when he met Summer Sears and her son Kellen.

“Kellen and I were going on a walk around the neighborhood and we saw a cat in our neighbors’ yard that looked just like one of our cats,” Summer said.

Somehow, Mi Guy found his way to Bend.

“We went over, looked at it and my mom was like ‘uh it’s probably a neighborhood cat’ and then she had the idea of using the scanner on it, once I was wondering maybe it was lost,” said Kellen Sears.

Summer, a frequent animal rescuer used the microchip scanner she received for her birthday.

Lo and behold Mi Guy had a microchip.

Through a series of phone calls, Summer reunited Mi Guy with his family.

“They were overwhelmed with emotion, especially the daughter,” Summer said. “It was the daughter’s kitty. The family had gone through some really hard times and on top of those hard times, they had lost their beloved family member, their kitty.”

Mi Guy’s family was extremely emotional and did not want to appear on camera but said they couldn’t be happier to have their cat back.

“It was just such a reunion to see them come back and re-meet this cat they haven’t seen in eight months,” Kellen said. “I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to not see my cat for eight months. So, just knowing of that, it was just beautiful.” 

The Sears family credits everything to the animal’s microchip.

“Stories like this can happen all the time and they do happen all the time, without a microchip there is no way we would have been able to find this family,” added Summer.

Since most people don’t have their own scanner, she encourages everyone to take lost pets to a local vet or animal shelter to be checked for a microchip.


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