▶️ Bend dog strives to fetch title of “America’s Best Pet”


Four-year-old Lilly and her owner Stephanie Murphy of Bend are competing to earn the title of “America’s Best Pet,” a nationwide competition.

“We’re competing against, my guess is thousands of dogs,” Murphy said.

Lilly and Murphy have entered competitions in the past, but for them, the stakes have never been higher.

“There’s a dog winner and a cat winner. The number one dog winner and cat winner will get a two-page spread, and the dog will be on the cover of modern dog, and $10,000,” Murphy said.

If they win, Murphy says the money will be well spent, starting off with a generous $1,000 donation.

“We’re going to donate 10% of that to Street Dog Hero, here in Bend. We love them so much. Their program is fantastic. We’ll probably take some of it. Take her on a toy run to Petco or something,” Murphy said.

Currently, Lilly is in 2nd place in her group. The Top 15 dogs will advance to the third round of the competition.

The competition is voting based, and anyone can log in to vote for their favorite pet.

“The public will have daily free votes, and they can be one vote by just connecting with a Facebook account. Two votes by saying ‘I’m a real person, here’s my credit card,’ but they aren’t charged.  They can also donate to the program’s tax deductible paws.org. Those votes would be double for me,” Murphy said.

The entire competition ends on April 4th. You can vote for Lilly here.


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