▶️ As temperatures keep rising, so does the demand for AC


Consider it the Murphy’s Law of summer.

“It’s going to be very hot, it’s hot now and it’s going to be even hotter over the weekend,” said Bend resident Allan Bennett. “My air conditioner went out this morning.”

As the temperatures keep rising, so does the demand for air conditioning.

Bad luck on a summer day in Bend, but Bennett’s lucky his unit only needed fixing.

“They came and are making repairs now that are necessary,” Bennett said.

Bend Heating was able to work on Bennett’s Air Conditioner the same day he called, but owner Scott Zettle knows that isn’t always the case.

“We’re backed out several weeks right now,” Zettle said. “The service and repair isn’t quite as bad, but if you wanted a new air conditioner or replace an existing one, we’re out several weeks and it’s more than normal.”

Besides the obvious – it’s hot and only going to get hotter – why the backlog?

“One is a bit of a labor shortage,” Zettle added. “We have finally run into that. The weather temperatures dictate how busy we are and the other thing that seems to be affecting us, is it seems be a lot more people are moving into this area.”

Several stores around Bend are sold out of air conditioners. 

So, what do you do if you need that AC unit during this scorching weather?

“You would want to just keep calling a reputable company that can get to you sooner.” Zettle said. “That is all I can recommend right now.”


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