▶️ As police investigate double homicide, friends remember the ‘kindred souls’ killed



The deaths of Natasha Newby and Ray Atkinson came as a complete shock to a lifelong friend, Josh Pardee and his wife Hannah.

“It’s not like I’ve never had a friend die before,” Pardee said. “But this was so different. This was so different.”

The couple was found dead in their home Saturday near Pilot Butte.

Bend Police now believe they were victims of a double homicide but did not release any new information on Tuesday.

Josh Pardee has known Newby and Atkinson since childhood.

The lifelong Bendites also befriended Pardee’s wife Hannah, the four have been inseparable ever since.

“They’re absolutely unique, perfect, kindred souls that are irreplaceable. There’s no replacing them,” Pardee said. “They’re one of a kind.”

Pardee says the moment he heard the news from extended family was heart-wrenching.

“My wife’s heart absolutely crumbled,” Pardee said. “And compiled with already feeling what I felt losing my friend…unfathomable.”

The Pardees say Atkinson and Newby didn’t have any enemies.

And that they brought out the best in one another for almost eleven years.

“I would definitely say they were eccentric of each other. They definitely made each other shine.”

Pardee wants the couple to be remembered not by how they passed, but because of the kind of people they were.

“They were taken way too soon and we have to remember their names,” Pardee said. “There’s no doubt about that, they have to be remembered.”

According to Bend Police, the case is still under investigation.


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