▶️ Aloha Produce offers food boxes to restaurants for workers in need


Restaurants in Deschutes County are prepping to reopen indoor dining on Friday, but a big challenge may be getting workers back in the door.

Many restaurants have had to lay off staff over the past year and there is no guarantee everyone will be able to come back to work.

An incentive for some people to get back into their food service jobs – a free box of produce.

Aloha Produce in Bend donated food boxes to needy families throughout 2020.

This week, they are reaching out to over 50 restaurants that closed during the pandemic to offer the free produce to dishwashers, servers or any other food service worker in need.

“Some are not coming back from this pandemic. But, the ones that are, we are reaching out to them. Even if they’re not customers of aloha produce currently, we’re reaching out and just trying to help, and make sure that we can get food out to these staff members,” said Nick Dean, an account manager with Aloha Produce.

So far, about a dozen restaurants have signed on to set their workers up with a free box of produce.


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