▶️ 17 dogs in Humane Society care after at home animal rescue ‘overwhelmed’


Underweight and injured, 17 dogs are now in the care of the Humane Society of Central Oregon.

“The Humane Society received a call from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office saying that they did a welfare check on a person who was running a rescue out of her home and became overwhelmed with the number of dogs that she was caring for and they relinquished them to the Humane Society,” said Lynne Ouchida, the Director of Community Partnerships at HSCO.

On Thursday, the Humane Society of Central Oregon took two vans to La Pine to retrieve the dogs.

The canines consisted mainly of Siberian Husky, German Shepard and Pit Bull Terrier breeds.

“We’re doing identifications,” Ouchida said. “We are giving their weight. Our veterinarian team is doing a full veterinary exam on them, and then we are seeing who’s going to go out into the kennels and who maybe are going to be out front that might be able to be seen.”

Ouchida told us most of the dogs evaluated were underweight.

One dog needed immediate care for a large wound.

“In the upcoming weeks, we will be working with them behaviorally as well as providing the care just to get them out, reacquaint them with living a good life with all the comforts of food, water, shelter and a warm bed,” Ouchida said.

Ouchida also mentioned there are a lot of animals in need of adoption, but she said to be aware of precisely who you are adopting from.

“When they do rescue an animal from a shelter or from a rescue group, they do a background check and really do due diligence to make sure that they’re adopting and supporting a reputable organization that has the ability to care for animals,” said Ouchida.

Usually, the Humane Society of Central Oregon does not have enough space to take in so many dogs at once, but Ouchida explained 18 dogs were adopted at a community event just a few days ago, allowing for just the right amount of room.

The majority of the dogs are expected to recover and be able to be taken home in the near future.

You can click here to donate to help with medical costs.


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