Sunriver Police Chief Resigns

Service District Board Closes Its Investigation of Harassment Complaint

The Sunriver Service District Board says it has accepted the resignation of Police Chief Marc Mills.
Here is the full statement released by the Board:

On December 2, 2017, Sunriver Service District leadership was made aware of a complaint reported to law enforcement from the day before involving Sunriver Police Chief Marc Mills that occurred in a public area of the police department, alleging that he had struck a subordinate in front of other Department personnel. On December 3, 2017, Chief Mills was placed on paid administrative leave, and the District was informed that the incident had been referred for criminal investigation to the Oregon Department of Justice. The District subsequently initiated its own, separate, administrative investigation into the incident. In the course of the District’s administrative investigation, employees raised complaints causing the District to expand the scope of the investigation, including allegations of other outbursts of temper, fears of retaliation and other inappropriate behavior inconsistent with the District’s policies and standards.

Although the District had not yet made any final decisions related to his employment, Chief Mills recognizes that, under the circumstances, it is untenable for him to continue his leadership of the Sunriver Police Department. Therefore, he has tendered his resignation to the District under a negotiated separation agreement. The District has accepted his resignation, and has concluded its investigation.

“Chief Marc Mills is a good police officer,” said Jim Fister, Chair of the Sunriver Service District. “One of his most recognized sayings is that the rules apply to everyone, equally, and I greatly respect that Marc recognizes this in making his decision.”

“Marc Mills has over forty years of excellent service to Central Oregon in a variety of police roles. He is respected for his skills as an investigator and enforcer of the law. His service as Police Chief of Sunriver can best be described as a time when the police developed a very positive relationship with the community. It is unfortunate that his tenure with the Sunriver Police Department is ending in this manner, and the District thanks Marc for his service and wishes him well.”

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