Road Rage Victim Speaks Out

On Friday June 1, two women were allegedly assaulted during a road rage incident in southwest Bend. 49-year-old Jay Barbeau of Redmond is accused of attacking two women after they allegedly cut him off while exiting a parking lot in downtown Bend.

According to Megan Stackhouse, the driver of the vehicle, she and her fiancee Lucinda Mann were leaving an event in downtown when they pulled in front of Barbeau’s truck. Stackhouse said she could see Barbeau yelling at them from inside his vehicle as he drove behind them. Stackhouse said Barbeau continued to follow her and Mann through the Wilson Road traffic circle.

Soon after Stackhouse pulled over, hoping Barbeau would pass them rather than follow them all the way home. Instead Stackhouse said Barbeau pulled over, jumped out of his vehicle and smashed the back window of her car with his bare hand. He then came around to Stackhouse’s window and grabbed her arm, snapping her wrist. Mann jumped out of the car to help but, according to Stackhouse, Barbeau hit Mann, knocking her unconscious.

Stackhouse said Barbeau’s wife was yelling at him to get back in the truck, when he did Stackhouse stood in front of his vehicle to prevent him from running over Mann, who still lay in the middle of the street. Stackhouse tried to reach for her phone to call the police but realized her right arm wasn’t functional.

A Bend police officer who happened to be in the area came upon the scene. Stackhouse, Mann and Barbeau were all taken to St. Charles Hospital in Bend to be treated for various injuries. Stackhouse sustained a compound fracture on her right arm, which required surgery on June 4. Mann was treated for a concussion and a neck injury.

Barbeau was arrested at the scene and is currently being held in the Deschutes County Jail on charges of reckless driving, first degree criminal mischief, fourth degree assault and three counts of second degree assault. He’s scheduled to be arraigned June 11.

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