Lost & Found: Mother of Baby Bradley Speaks Out

Katelin Thomas, the mother of Bradley Micheal Thomas, speaks out for the first time since being released from the hospital after the disappearance and frantic search for her son in the woods south of Bend on May 10.

Thomas’ former boyfriend and the father of Bradley, Brandon Blouin, is still in custody at the Deschutes County Jail on charges of criminal mistreatment, custodial interference, child neglect, endangering a minor and abandoning a child – all connected to Bradley’s disappearance earlier this month.

According to Thomas she left her home in West Virginia with Blouin after he showed up while she was out with Bradley, despite a protection order that was meant to keep Blouin away from his son. Thomas said she only went with Blouin because he threatened her family and Bradley if she didn’t go with him.

Thomas said she made efforts to take Bradley and leave Blouin as they traveled across the U.S. In the early morning hours of May 10, Thomas said Blouin forced her from the vehicle they were sleeping in and said he would hurt Bradley if she didn’t go. Thomas made her way to a nearby property off China Hat Road in Bend. The property owners called 911 and Thomas was taken to the hospital where she was treated for a number of injuries including broken ribs, two partially collapsed lungs, injuries to her throat, and injuries to her feet and legs from running through the woods.

Thomas alleges that she told Sheriff’s deputies about Bradley, and when deputies found Blouin, he told them he’d set the baby down near a fence. Baby Bradley was found, naked and cold, but mostly unharmed a mile from Blouin’s vehicle.

Now Katelin and her mom, Melissa Jordan, are hoping to take Bradley home. Jordan was awarded custody of the 1-year-old Bradley just before he and Thomas went missing. Bradley is currently in a foster home in Central Oregon and the family is awaiting a custody hearing scheduled for early next week.

SELCO Community Credit Union has established a fund to help pay for the family’s expenses. Please donate at any Selco location: Account #618555.

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