Ridgeview High School Principal Receives State Honor

A Central Oregon school administrator was named Principal of the Year in Oregon on Thursday, and the best part is that he didn’t know about it until his staff and students surprised him with the news at a special assembly on Thursday afternoon, and Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan was there for the priceless moment.

Parking Changes to Relieve Downtown Congestion Also Having Impact on Nearby Residents

Three weeks ago, the city of Bend made some changes to the downtown parking rules to relieve congestion, but now homeowners nearby say those chnages are having unintended consequences on the safety and security of their neighborhoods.
Central Oregon Daily’s Curtis Vogel talked with one of those concerned homeowners on Thursday after eight residents spoke up about the issue at Wednesday night’s city council meeting.
During that city council meeting, councilors promised to schedule a work session to address the issue.

Worthy Brewing Appeals Noise Restrictions

Worthy Brewing submitted what’s called a ‘noise variance permit application,’ which is basically a request to go louder than the decibel levels currently permitted in the area, in order to better accommodate their live entertainment Saturday.
Worthy Brewing is located in a ‘mixed use’ zone sandwiched in between two residential areas and shopping centers. Event sound levels in the area are permitted to go up to, but not exceed, 70 decibels until 10 pm after 10 pm levels are not to exceed 65 decibels.
Worthy Brewing’s permit application requested that Worthy be allowed to go up to 85 decibels in the area while their live entertainment, Precious Byrd, is playing. However, City Manager Eric King denied Worthy’s request.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more.

How One School is Helping Students Graduate

The state of Oregon’s graduation rates are some of the lowest in the country. To try and fix that problem, senator Ron Wyden is working to give schools financial support, if their graduation rates are lower than 70 percent.

Today, he toured Marshall High School in Bend to see how they are taking those much needed funds and turning them into a positive change for their students.

Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has details.

Bend Parks and Rec Plans for Growth with new SDCs

The board of directors at Bend Park and Rec will get an update at tonight’s meeting about a proposed hike in development fees, which the board believes is needed to account for the growth projected over the next decade in bend.

System Development Charges (SDCs) are the fees that government agencies charge to bring in revenue to provide services for residents.

The Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) is one of the stakeholder groups that have been involved with the drafting of the proposal and representatives of COBA told us that the original draft included development fees for commercial properties as well, but COBA argued that it would be too much of a deterrent to bringing new businesses to bend.

There will be a public hearing on the SDC rate increase proposal coming up on May 21st at the Bend Park and Rec headquarters.

Brandon Blouin Convicted on Three Counts

Brandon Blouin, the 26-year-old man accused of abandoning his one-year-old son in the woods south of Bend in May 2018, was convicted on three counts on Tuesday, while the judge dismissed three other counts.
On Tuesday morning, Deschutes County Judge Wells Ashby convicted Blouin of endangering the welfare of a minor, criminal mistreatment in the first degree and felony possession of body armor.
This was after Blouin submitted an Alford plea on those three counts at a settlement conference on Monday. An Alford plea indicates that Blouin is maintaining his innocence, but he admits that the prosecution does have enough evidence to likely prove his guilt.
As part of that settlement hearing, Judge Ashby dismissed the charges of custodial interference in the first degree, abandonment of a child and child neglect in the second degree.
Blouin was sentenced to 32 months in jail for the criminal mistreatment, a concurrent 30 days for felony possession of body armor and 5 years probation for endangering the welfare of a minor where he will not be allowed any contact with his one-year-old son or his son’s mother or grandmother.
Blouin remains in custody at the Deschutes County Jail but will be transferred to a Department of Corrections facility.

Local Program Trains Kids How to Prevent Brain Injuries

Children 5 to 15 are the most likely to be injured or killed due to not wearing a helmet while cycling, but one local program looks to change that. ‘Train Your Brain’ is teaching local third graders about the importance of wearing helmets, and Central Oregon Daily’s Eric Lindstrom stopped by one elementary school to see how they get that message across.

Safety A Priority for Hwy 97

The number of crashes between Bend and Redmond has increased over the past few years, and intersections in the area have been put in ODOT’s top 5 percent of safety priorities. Representative Greg Walden was in Deschutes County to talk with county officials about how to decrease congestion and increase safety between the two cities.
Central Oregon Daily’s Anyssa Bohanan has more.