Bend Police Department Cracks Down on Distracted Driving

According to the CDC, approximately nine people are killed every day, and more than 1000 are injured, in accidents that involve distracted drivers.

That’s why the City of Bend Police Department conducted an enhanced distracted driving enforcement detail throughout the city of Bend Thursday afternoon. The department hoped to educate the public on the dangers of cell phone usage and reduce the number of traffic incidents caused by using their phones behind the wheel.

In October of last year, Oregon enacted a new distracted driving law, which makes it illegal to drive while holding any electronic device. And if you get caught, it could come with some hefty fines and even jail time.

A first offense that doesn’t contribute to a crash is a class B violation with a maximum fine of $1,000. A second offense, or if the first offense contributes to a crash, is a class A violation with a maximum fine of $2,000. A third offense in ten years is a class B misdemeanor and could result in a maximum fine of $2,500 fine and could be 6 months in jail.

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